Hellraiser Boxing - Anthony Ogogo sustained a serious eye injury last year, read how he's plotting a comeback, and the cost this has come at.
Hellraiser Boxing News | Anthony Ogogo Reveals Anguish Of Eye Injury
Anthony Ogogo sustained a serious eye injury last year, read how he's plotting a comeback, and the cost this has come at.

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Anthony Ogogo Reveals Anguish Of Eye Injury

Now out of the ring a year, Olympic bronze medallist Anthony Ogogo has opened up about the difficulties he's faced since that loss, the first of his career, to Craig Cunningham. In an interview with the Guardian, Ogogo explains in detail quite how much damage his eye socket suffered and the ramifications that injury has had not only on his career but his life.

11-0 (7) going into the Cunningham fight, Ogogo had not been without injury problems already in his young professional career. The Lowestoft man only fought once in the almost two years between his July 2014 fight with Wayne Reed and his May 2016 fight with Gary Cooper. However, early in the Cunningham fight his left eye suffered a serious injury which ruined his vision, leading to his losing the fight.

pic: Anthony Ogogo

The injury was serious, very serious, he'd fractured the socket in seven places, and was told by a doctor he should be registered blind. Ogogo explains, “She asked: ‘What are these letters?’ I couldn’t see them. She said: ‘You should be classed as blind because you can’t read these four letters.’

I saw 10 different doctors because there were seven fractures. The issue was the eye-socket – which protects the eyeball and the muscles which move the eye. The eye-socket had to be repaired but there was soft-tissue damage. These eye muscles are as thin as clingfilm and they don’t repair themselves like a leg muscle.”

Ogogo has sought treatment in the USA, which has yielded hope of a return to the ring. This though has come at a cost; both personal in that he has spent time away from his wife and family, and financial. Unable to fight, medical bill rack up quickly, but Ogogo keep faith, “I’ve said before, I don’t care if takes 10 eye surgeries, I’m going to box again. I’m now hoping the next one, the fourth one, is the last because I’ve got no money left.

They will do the final fixing of the eye muscle when I’m awake so I can tell him what I’m seeing. After three weeks my brain will assimilate the new eye position and I should spar hopefully in January.”

Hopefully these surgeries will work and we'll see Anthony Ogogo in a ring fighting once more.

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Posted: 15th Nov 2017

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