Hellraiser Boxing - Adam Thorn talks to Asinia Byfield ahead of his title defence on July 8th at the Copperbox Arena about camp and social media madness.
Hellraiser Boxing News | Asinia "D'Ghost" Byfield Training Camp Interview
Adam Thorn talks to Asinia Byfield ahead of his title defence on July 8th at the Copperbox Arena about camp and social media madness.

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Asinia "D'Ghost" Byfield Training Camp Interview

Dab Dab Dab!

No sooner had the July 8th fight between Asinia “D’Ghost” Byfield and Sammy “the Hammer” McNess, for Byfield’s Southern Area super-welterweight title been announced, than a war of words had erupted online. Ignited by the fighters and fuelled by partizan fans, some of the comments were unacceptable. But this is boxing, that happens, and neither combatant was guilty of it, although they clearly do not rate each other as practitioners of violence.

McNess has been calling Hellraiser man Byfield “Big Mouth”. Seemingly wanting to stoke the fire, Asinia has responded with a series of tongue in cheek videos, showing how hard he is training, but also sending up the “Big Mouth” mantle. His videos are hilarious, have a little look below and see for yourself. I had a quick chat with the Reading champion for Hellraiser about camp and his new social media persona.

I wanted to know what was behind this odd caricature of himself he was playing online, particularly his apparent change of accent. “(Laughs) That was Mickey, (Helliet, his manager) he told me to be outgoing, we wanted to move a lot of my fans to Twitter, we want people following me on there rather than Facebook… Hopefully I’m winning the fans over, but it’s also about showing that this training camp I’m 24/7.”

Asinia has, every time he’s been interviewed by me, mentioned how hard he trains. He's not lying either. Even at his weigh in before the John Brennan defence he was practicing hand eye coordination with a tennis ball. The man loves to train! “My mate was with me but he couldn’t hack it! We had a hard session in the gym then I went for a run but he was saying 'it’s too hot!' So he bailed.”

Despite the online beef between them, it seems from talking to Asinia that that the animosity is more posturing than genuine hatred. Although come fight night, or perhaps a press conference, that could change, as the two have not met in person yet. Asinia is usually calmly confident (his cocky online persona aside) and this fight is no different. He has tweeted to say he’s “leagues” above McNess, and didn’t seem any more impressed since, “people keep saying to me that’s he’s so fast, watching him shadow boxing. But it looked funny to me, everything was so basic, one step at a time.”

McNess has an impressive record and was a stand out amateur, but Asinia has had harder pro fights so far and is the reigning champion; it is a really good fight for both men and as is the wonderful way with our sport, it will all be decided in the ring. Roll on July 8th at Copperbox.

Asinia Byfield Twitter: @TeamDGhost

Adam Thorn: @LaudusHimself

Posted: 23rd Jun 2017

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