Hellraiser Boxing - Hellraiser would like to introduce the latest addition to our writing team, Chris Waddams. Read his bio here.
Hellraiser Boxing News | Chris Waddams Bio
Hellraiser would like to introduce the latest addition to our writing team, Chris Waddams. Read his bio here.

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Chris Waddams Bio

It’s transfer season for football, and life here at Hellraiser boxing is no different; we’re reeling the signings in too.

Our latest addition comes to us as an established boxing writer, having previously written for Boxing Britain, Chris Waddams is well known on the London boxing scene as the creator and curator of Southpaw Jab. Southpaw Jab have close ties with Hellraiser, as they sponsor Darryll Williams and Philip Bowse. Chris has a wealth of knowledge that he’s itching to share with our Hellraiser fans. He has a familial boxing history, having got into it through his dad, while his uncle was a kickboxer. Fortunately for you all, he’s also a wordsmith, and you won't have to wait long to see what he's all about.

Chris’s first piece will be up later on today, in it he discusses the term “casual fans” and what that means for boxing fans as a whole. It’s a great read, and hopefully the first of many. Please join us at Hellraiser in giving Chris a warm welcome to the team!

Chris is on social media as Southpaw Jab

Twitter: @Southpaw_jab & @chriswadds
Instagram: @Southpaw_jab
Facebook: @Southpawjab

Posted: 26th Jun 2017

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