Hellraiser Boxing - Review of Hellraiser Boxing's November 5th 2016 York Hall show - East End Explosion. Upsets, huge KO's and all fights covered.
Hellraiser Boxing News | East End Explosion Provides Volatility
Review of Hellraiser Boxing's November 5th 2016 York Hall show - East End Explosion. Upsets, huge KO's and all fights covered.

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East End Explosion Provides Volatility


Adam Thorn, Ringside:

Fireworks Night at York Hall, Bethnal Green didn’t disappoint; huge knockouts, shock wins and steps towards bigger things for many of the fighters.

The well supported middleweight Ryan Maycock was unbeaten in one fight and had asked promoter Mickey Helliet for an unbeaten opponent for his second fight. He got 0-6 Yailton Neves for this four rounder, however. Maycroft looked like he was trying to drill a hole through the Mancunian’s soul with his eyes during the referee’s instructions. Whether Ryan was over confident or simply too fired up, he came out loading up, and advancing in straight lines with his head jutting forward. Neves didn’t miss the opportunity, and despite some early success for the Chorleywood man, had his opponent down midway through round one. Maycock beat the count but used the same attack following it and Neves caught him again with a huge right that sent Maycock onto his back through the ropes. The referee rightly waved it off immediately; a round one upset victory igniting the evening’s action spectacularly.

Chelmsford’s Davis Pagan went into his super-welterweight fight with Sonny Whiting unbeaten at 2-0, with Whiting at 2-10-2. Pagan had success with the right over the top in the first which briefly stiffened Whiting up, though he recovered well. Whiting spoiled in close to good effect, not allowing Pagan to set a rhythm, but the unbeaten fighter did get through with some noisy body shots, which again Whiting took well. Sonny, from Kent, danced, ducked and twirled somewhat unorthodoxly and seemed content to frustrate Pagan, but not win. Going into the fourth and final round it looked like a points win for Pagan, until late on Whiting got through with a shot that clearly took Pagan out of himself. Sonny didn’t need asking twice and steamed in landing a combination of shots that had the referee wave it off with Pagan reeling on the ropes and unable to defend himself.

The third fight of the evening saw lightweight Jack Raines risk his 1-0 record against 8-20 Michael Mooney in another four rounder. After the previous two fight results, Raines was sensible to start with caution. Mooney was game but limited, and Jack showed nice hand speed, shot selection and variety, belying his novice status. The two men showed plenty of respect to one and another and Raines particularly looked to be having fun. While the fight gathered pace it never caught fire, but Raines was delighted with a solid win, taking every round 40-36.

Next up was another unbeaten fighter, one of seven on the bill, middleweight Ricky Coker from Enfield. The 1-0 Londoner faced 8-12-2 Marcin Cybulski from Eblag, Poland and went well to the the Pole’s body throughout. Coker’s support was vociferous and while the fight was competitive he took the decision clearly. To his credit Cybulski refused to be bullied, but simply didn’t offer enough back to take the points. Just before the bell for round four Ricky leaned toward his opponent and said something that brought a smile from his foe, explaining afterwards that he speaks some Polish. It was a nice touch to the talented fighter’s winning evening.

The action continued with 11-0 (1) Tony Milch looking for his twelfth win at super-welter against Ferenc Katona who was 6-2, scheduled for eight. The Hungarian looked huge at the weight, and despite Milch landing some big shots at the end of the first, went on to have his own success in the fight. It was close but with MIlch looking to be on top in the fourth when out of nowhere Tony landed a right which put Katona through the ropes, the fight was over. The sight of the loser staggering around the ring having bravely tried to make the count was a sad one. Milch however, was rightfully proud of only his second knockout win.

Cruiserweight Spiros Demetriou was dominant against Istvan Orsos. Although the fleshy looking Hungarian, whose physique was in sharp contrast to his stocky and muscular opponent, was a lot tougher than he looked. Spiros started fast and got in close, ducking, weaving and railing in huge shots from all angles, looking for the knockout. Orsos had a strange look of almost disinterest, and seemed after a few rounds like he might last, having survived a huge onslaught at the end of the third. His occasional burst of energy when Demtetriou got in range was so telegraphed that it didn’t bother Spiros much. Eventually the referee stepped in with Orsos on his feet but eating far too much leather in the eighth round. Spiros moves to 6-0 (2), Orsos to 15-37-2 (5).

Turkish/ Hackney boy Siar Ozgul is carving a fast path to the top, and looking good doing it. He faced Hungary’s Ivan Godor over eight at super-lightweight in chief support. Mickey Helliet had promised a “slugfest” and in patches this was certainly that; neither man afraid to unload if the time was right. Siar started with a wide stance, relying on his fast hands to connect, but as soon as he tried to get close to Godor he’d be held and introduced to the Hungarian’s head. Eventually in round four the referee, Lee Cook, took a point from Ivan for holding, trying to get the fight flowing.

The point deduction got its message across, and without the holding Siar started to gain an upper hand and boss Godor around. Siar’s opponent is no fool though, and has fought British names such as Tyrone Nurse, Bradley Saunders and Johnny Garton, taking Nurse and Garton the distance. In round five, Ozgul had him down, and although it wasn’t heavy and he beat the count, Godor was quickly up against it again, with the referee stepping in to stop the fight. His protests mattered little and although initially it seemed a little soon, on reflection the stoppage prevented an uglier finish. Ozgul moves to 11-0 (2) and Godor 17-41-4 (6). Afterwards Mickey Helliet spoke of his belief that Ozgul would win “at least” a European crown, and the support from his country of birth and Hackney was evident in the crowd.

Finally WBO intercontinental featherweight champion Ben Jones, 21-5-1 (10), faced Nicaraguan Carlos Osorio, 12-5 (5), over ten rounds. The fight started slowly, the two men feeling each other out until, in the third Jones landed some good shots. Osorio eat these, and waved the Crawley man in, which it has to be said is the least convincing way of showing you’re fine during a fight. Jones boxed well and never looked in much trouble, seemingly taking most of the early rounds. Beyond the fifth he looked to tire a bit, lowering his hands too much, though he never looked as tired as his opponent.

Osorio was not without his successes but in the seventh he went down. The shot which introduced him to the canvas didn’t look too heavy, but Jones made his intentions clear by following up with several meaty shots. Osorio saw the round, and rest of the fight out, but a decision in his favour looked beyond likely. Jones took it 100-90 on points, and has now won seven in a row. Helliet has said he’s due a “big, big fight” soon, and Jones afterward seemed happy to take on anyone put in front of him, but was particularly keen to fight for a world title. He certainly looked ready, capping a very entertaining evening’s boxing with a classy win.

Adam Thorn is on twitter @LaudusHimself

Posted: 28th Feb 2017

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