Hellraiser Boxing - It's finally here! Unbeaten fearsome puncher Gennady Golovkin takes on tough Mexican Saul Alvarez in Las Vegas in the fight of the decade. Four world middleweight titles are on the line, but who will win?
Hellraiser Boxing News | Golovkin versus Alvarez: Analysis and Prediction
It's finally here! Unbeaten fearsome puncher Gennady Golovkin takes on tough Mexican Saul Alvarez in Las Vegas in the fight of the decade. Four world middleweight titles are on the line, but who will win?

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Golovkin vs Alvarez: Analysis and Prediction

by Lee Robertson

There is a phrase used by trainers in England to describe fighters who are completely committed to the sport of boxing. Fighters who don't miss a press up or a sit up when doing their ground work; fighters who put in the road work without being told, who don't duck a round of sparring, who watch the tapes, listen to their trainers and never waver in their commitment to their art, who turn up to the gym early everyday and leave late, who dig deep and find a new level of skill and ability when the pressure is at its greatest.…they’re known as ‘Good boys’.

Canelo and Golovkin are both ‘Good boys’….and this is going to be a war.

 “This is the most dangerous fight of my career”

“This is my biggest fight

Make no mistake about it, These two men are supreme fighters at their respective peaks; battling for the undisputed middleweight world title. Not since the Hagler VS Hearns middleweight title war has the world seen such aggressive, powerful and pedigreed middleweights meet to do battle.


Canelo Alvarez at 27 years of age has developed a ring craft that has surpassed that of every other active living fighter (with the exception of Floyd Mayweather). He is today's embodiment of the complete fighter, he can box, he can punch, he can counter punch (often from the ropes), he has devastating one punch knock out power, he can punch with blistering speed and in voluminous combinations, he has an effective defence and a strong chin. But most notably, he has a highly developed killer instinct. As demonstrated against Amir Khan, he can deliver the right shot at the right moment and end the bout in an instant.

Stylistically Canelo is most comfortable in the role of counter puncher, allowing aggressive opponents to expose their weaknesses and then capitalising on their mistakes. Golovkin is a hyper aggressive fighter and may play into Canelo’s hands.

Gennady Golovkin is a veteran of over 350 amateur and professional fights. His professional record is a perfect 37-0 with a 89% KO ratio, a record that includes a streak of 24 consecutive knock outs. He is a knockout artist.

Golovkin’s style of imparting devastating power via hyper aggression is direct, but he is much more that just a puncher/ brawler. He has a highly developed sense of timing and speed, a laser beam of a jab that carries the power of a cross and surgical accuracy with his shots to both body and head. He also has the boxing mind of a grand master, tactically he can draw out the most determinedly defensive fighter into fighting his fight, as demonstrated against Kell Brook. Golovkin is also as tough as they come, in all his amateur and professional boxing bouts he has never been floored or KO’d.


Canelo vs Golovkin is here and it's a boxing match that is dearly needed by the sport of boxing; a sport struggling to find its way in the aftermath of the Mayweather vs McGregor show. Mayweather vs McGregor promised a world changing event, a dramatic fight that would change the history of combat sports forever…. it failed. It became as many predicted, a match between a world champion and an amateur. Despite all the pre fight hype and grandiose prophesies it has now been forgotten, as a fight, and even as an event. 

This fight is different. Joshua vs Klitchko is a recent example of how the sport of boxing can be elevated to a grand scale without the need for classless, tacky and childish insults.

The build up to Canelo vs Golovkin has been low key, both fighters have been very respectful of each other, both face to face and when interviewed away from each other. It is a sign of class that harks back to a golden age of boxing, when fighting men let their hands do the talking. These guys know they are about to have the toughest fight, not just their careers, but their lives, each is fully aware that win, lose or draw their opponent is likely to inflict major damage on them physically. In a career a boxer only has a certain amount of ‘wars’ they can go through. Both men are respectful of that fact that they are facing a war.


I see this bout starting slowly and building into an all out war into the middle and latter rounds. Both men are natural fighters and will want to dictate the pace of the action. I see Golovkin leading early on, scoring with big shots. But I also see Canelo weathering the storm and taking the fight into the later rounds where his championship experience will play a part, in what will become a sea saw battle.

Eventually I see Golovkin winning an epic battle via stoppage n the 10th/11th with both men keen on a rematch.

Posted: 13th Sep 2017

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