Hellraiser Boxing - Hollywood Josh reviews his fight from the York Hall Brawl show last Saturday.
Hellraiser Boxing News | He Wasn't Just On His Bike, He Was In His Car! Hollywood Josh Fight Review
Hollywood Josh reviews his fight from the York Hall Brawl show last Saturday.

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He Wasn't Just On His Bike, He Was In His Car! Hollywood Josh Fight Review

by Hollywood Josh

There was loads of things I wanted to work on in this fight that I‘d learnt in Las Vegas over the summer. Over there a lot of the guys they were coming forward, and because of that it meant I got to stand there and trade with them a little bit, which I quite like doing. Originally I was supposed to be fighting a Welsh fighter on Saturday, and I knew he was going to come forward so I was looking forward to that, standing there toe to toe and having a bit of fun.

The guy I ended up fighting, Konstantin Alexandrov, 5-25-3 (0), he didn’t come forward, he wasn’t just on his bike, this guy was in his car! I couldn’t catch him! Apart from that he was tough I didn’t really know much about the guy, all I wanted from the fight was someone where I could plant my feet and have a fight, but I didn’t really get to do that, I just had to chase. However, that was still good, it’s still learning, I learnt a lot from the fight, it just wasn’t what I’d wanted to learn going in.

In round one the first thing I noticed was that he looked very passive, his stance made me realise I was going to have to change what my game plan was. Instantly I knew I was going to be the one pushing, although I did at least expect him to throw something back. I’d hoped maybe he’d try and counter, but he didn’t throw anything. I used the first round just to see what he was about, try and work out a way in.

My corner were telling me to keep the pressure on him, I didn’t need to throw shots and get out the way and there was nothing coming back at me. In the second I opened my defence up more to see if he’d engage with me, but he still didn’t throw back! I ended up putting my head right on his fists, resting it there going, “all you gotta do is push!” It was so frustrating at the time, but post fight I realised that I’ve got to learn how to get these types of guys to fight me.

Round four I started to relax a bit and it gaved me more success. I’d been loading up in the first few because I was really keen to show my power. The win (40-36) was not a surprise, to the best of my knowledge he didn’t land a punch on me! If he’d at least have attempted to hit me I’d have maybe scored him one out of one hundred, but he didn’t even attempt it.

Overall I’m happy because I learned things from it. I’m just looking forward to the next thing, I’ve got my eyes on the belts. The Southern Area is definitely one I want a shot at soon, but I’m all about the belts now, my trousers keep falling down! I don’t want to fight anyone below me in the rankings now, there’s no point, if I’m going to do that I might as well be fighting nobodies.

Posted: 12th Oct 2017

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