Hellraiser Boxing - Hellraiser asks fighters, writers and betting experts their pick to win the huge Golovkin vs Alvarez fight this Saturday. The results might surprise you!
Hellraiser Boxing News | Hellraiser Predicts! Golovkin vs Alvarez
Hellraiser asks fighters, writers and betting experts their pick to win the huge Golovkin vs Alvarez fight this Saturday. The results might surprise you!

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Hellraiser Predicts! Golovkin vs Alvarez

The big night is almost upon us, and is being talked about as a potential fight of the decade. Two heavy handed, skilful, top fighters actually meeting in the ring at around the time (it has been mooted for about two years) the public demanded it. Brutal puncher Gennady Golovkin puts his unbeaten record and collection of belts on the line against Saul Alvarez, the Mexican wonderkid who's now a fully fledged middleweight (and then some!).

We asked Hellraiser fighters, writers and friends how they saw this pick em panning out, and with one expception they all commited to a winner. But who would get the most votes? We've got former champions, current champions, a man who fought Alvarez, writers, commentators and coaches giving their two pence.

How do you see the fight going? See if this changes your mind and send us a Tweet (@HellraiserBox) or leave us a message on the Hellraiser Boxing Facebook page.

Too much spice?

"The spice boy has the ingredients to cook up an ass WHOOPING!"

Tony Buttigieg, Hellraiser Super Welterweight

“I think GGG is the best middleweight in the world, and the first proper middleweight at this level Canelo has boxed. I think GGG win, but a late stoppage for Canelo wouldn’t surpise me. Either way it’s a great fight.”

Verdict: Golovkin

Wayne Alexander, Former WBU, EBU, British Light Middle Champion

“How great is this fight for boxing? A genuine, close, 50/50 fight with two future hall of famers. Even though Canelo might be the underdog slightly, GGG has a style made for him. Canelo won’t have to go looking for him, and will use his good jab, skills and combination punching to win a nonstop battle by close points decision.”

Verdict: Alvarez

Lanardo Tyner, Fought Saul Alvarez

“That’s going to be a hard fight, but I hope Canelo can pull it off.”

Verdict: Diplomatically Alvarez

Philip “Quicksilver” Bowes, Hellraiser Super Lightweight

Canelo will win on points”

Verdict: Alvarez

Predicta Mike, Hellraiser Gambling Savant

“Predicta Mike says Golovkin exposed by Brook never really fought anyone,  slow and overrated. The spice boy has the ingredients to cook up an ass WHOOPING! late stoppage.”

Verdict: Emphatically Alvarez

“Hollywood” Josh Ejakpovi, Hellraiser Super Welterweight

“Alvarez on points, or Golovkin to knock him out, hopefully. I’m the only one who’s allowed two choices.”

Verdict: Typical Josh! Both.

Tony Milch, Hellraiser Super Welterweight

“Force me off the fence will go for Canelo points win. Providing he can withstand the power, and use the speed and skill. Canelo points!”

Verdict: Alvarez

Darryll Williams, Hellraiser English Super Middleweight Champion

“My heart says Golovkin but my head says Canelo might pull it out the bag. He’s a machine Golovkin but Alvarez is his hardest test, has power and skill. Alvarez to pull it out the bag.”

Verdict: Alvarez

Shades of Douglas Tyson?

"Mike Tyson had the same record going in against Buster Douglas as Golovkin does going into this."

Steve Fearon, Hellraiser Writer

“It is seemingly a question of whether the older fighter has gone into decline, just as the younger fighter comes into their best. I am going to go bold and say Canelo Stoppage late on, with Golovkin chasing rounds.”

Verdict: Alvarez

Asinia Byfield, Hellraiser Southern Area Super Welter Champion

“I’m with Canelo on this, he’s one hard hitter combined with boxing skills and a good engine. Late stoppage or points victory.”

Verdict: Alvarez

Ty Browne, Pro Trainer, New Era Gym

“I’ve always fancied Canelo. GGG’s main attribute is his strength, and it’s going to take more than one attribute to beat as cute a fighter as Canelo. Canelo’s the better all round fighter but what a great fight!”

Verdict: Alvarez

Chris Lloyd, Sauerland Commentator

“Flipping heck, my opinion’s gone back and forth! I want Golovkin to win, and if this fight had been two years ago he would have done, but I’ve seen enough decline in him, and  improvement in Canelo, to say a favourable points decision for him.”

Verdict: Alvarez

Robin Dupre, Hellraiser Cruiserweight Commonwealth Title Challenger

“It’s the fight of the year, although AJ vs Klitschko was good too. For me Canelo is at his peak, where as GGG is maybe a year or two past it. Mike Tyson had the same record going in against Buster Douglas as Golovkin does going into this, and to a superstitious man like myself that’s enough for me to put my money on a peak Canelo winning.”

Verdict: Alvarez

Sam Fleetwood, Pro Trainer, Bulmershe Gym

Canelo will school GGG and win on points.”

Verdict: Alvarez

Kian “Tec” Thomas, St Pancras Boxing Club pro Welterweight

My heart says Canelo because I’m a big fan, but my head is saying can he withstand that power Golovkin carries for 12 rounds?.. Canelo’s counter punching and accuracy will get him the win. Canelo majority win!”

Verdict: Alvarez

“You might as well toss a coin!"

Sam Jones, Assassin Boxing Super Lightweight

“I think Canelo’s a more well rounded and experienced fighter at a higher level. He’ll work the body really well and that’s going to be a decisive factor in the fight. Canelo will surprise a lot of people and will get the stoppage.”

Verdict: Alvarez

Chris Waddams, Southpaw Jab Head Honcho & Hellraiser contributor

"Very hard to pick a winner. If I had to stick a tenner on any outcome I'd go Canelo points"

Verdict: Alvarez

Jake Best, Assassin Boxing Super Welterweight

Canelo has made a sensible choice delaying this fight and has taken the time to develop his skill, power, strength and his defensive work! Timing is key in big fights like this and in my opinion Golovkin didn’t perform well against Kell Brook and had a hard fight against Jacobs, struggling at times. A fresher, younger fighter like Canelo will be too much for GGG, Canelo late stoppage!”

Verdict: Alvarez

Jack Hughes, Hellraiser Stalwart

“You might as well toss a coin! But if pressed I’ll go for Golovkin by late stoppage.”

Verdict: Golovkin

"I just don’t think Canelo can outsmart Golovkin."

Grant Dennis, Unbeaten Middleweight

“I think it's definitely a hard one to call, and both fighters have their own skill set that is better than the others in different departments, but I just have a feeling that Canelo’s, skill, movement and also power gives GGG lots of problems. I see Canelo winning by stoppage late maybe 9/10 rounds.”

Verdict: Alvarez

Marcus Richardson, Sports Tips Uk 

“I think GGG on points, I just don’t think Canelo can outsmart Golovkin. People might be upset though as it’ll be more Mayweather vs Pacquiao than AJ vs Klitschko.”

Verdict: Golovkin

Lee Robertson, Hellraiser Writer

GGG by stoppage in the mid to later rounds.”

Verdict: Golovkin

Paul Duckworth, Hellraiser Writer

“I'm finding it difficult to predict an outright winner, although as the fight nears I'm beginning to lean towards Canelo; he is younger, in his prime and his speed in throwing body to head combinations with ferocity and ability to disguise power shots whilst having a solid defence sways it for me.... Just!”

Verdict: Alvarez

Jamie Hughes, “Freelance" Middleweight

“I'm a massive GGG fan, I actually want him to win. But I think because people think Canelo was ducking GGG, that he's scared. He's not. I'd hate that the fear of losing ruined the fight, but that can't happen. Canelo’s movement in close, and riding shots is what wins it for me.”

Verdict: Alvarez

Gelasius Taaru, Hellraiser Super Featherweight

“I think Canelo to win on points or knockout in the 9th round, but it will be a great war I reckon. Canelo too sharp and too fast for GGG

Verdict: Alvarez

Conor Slater, Assassin Boxing Promotions

“This is, on paper, one of the fights of the decade. Forget the circus act a few weeks ago, this is for the purists. 12 months ago I would have favoured Golovkin to stop Canelo late. The way he stalks opponents down and his dynamite hands made him p4p king. However, his timing, engine and skill have seemed to deteriorate in the last year. Alvarez late KO or on points.

Verdict: Alvarez

Adam Thorn, Hellraiser Media Manager

“Think GGG has a great chin, which he’ll need as he gets hit from all angles while being counter punched. Alvarez on points.”

Verdict: Alvarez

Well, well, well, there you have it- overwhelming support for the challenger, and betting underdog Saul "Canelo" Alvarez!

You may notice a galring omission in the predictions, one Mr Mickey Helliet, well fear not because Mickey is coming with his in depth video breakdown later this week. Stay tuned!

How do you see the fight going? Send us a Tweet (@HellraiserBox) or leave us a message on the Hellraiser Boxing Facebook page.

Hellraiser would like to thank all those who put their predictions forward for this article.

Posted: 12th Sep 2017

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