Hellraiser Boxing - Meet our new recruit Predicta-Mike, devout boxing fan and sometimes prophet. We give you his background in his words, and his Ward Kovalev decision!
Hellraiser Boxing News | Meet Predicta-Mike!
Meet our new recruit Predicta-Mike, devout boxing fan and sometimes prophet. We give you his background in his words, and his Ward Kovalev decision!

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Meet Predicta-Mike!

Hellraiser’s latest addition is one of a kind. Somewhere between a man and a computer, with a gambler thrown in for good measure. Ladies and gentlemen we introduce Predicta-Mike! Mike calls fights in a way you won’t have seen. He’s going to lay his opinion on the line, win or lose, for your entertainment. And you will be entertained. His strike rate when predicting boxing outcomes is rivalled only by Messer Helliet in accuracy. His unique eye is peerless. His other eye is less talented but should be mentioned so it doesn’t feel bad.

Raised in the mean streets of Dulwich, Predicta-Mike was keenly aware of the the combative element that surrounds a big city. Getting into boxing young, Predicta-Mike sought solace in the sport from the harsh reality of life in the infamously gritty borough. To ease his journey to Camden town, a trip he made for no particular reason every day, Predicta-Mike bought a copy of The Ring magazine, “1982 Marvelous Marvin Hagler on the cover, this became a regular monthly purchase.”

Falling into the sport, in his words the, “organised violence” had Predicta-Mike, “enthralled”. Our new boxing fanatic has gone on to obsess about the sport, “from club fighters to to the heady heights of De La Hoya, Pac man and Mayweather, you get the drift!” He will be Hellraiser’s staff psychic. Your guide. A man whose insight is, “less methodical rather more spiritual.” Please show Predicta-Mike a warm round of applause.

Predicta-Mike Calls Andre “S.O.G.” Ward and Segei “Krusher” Kovalev 

With the huge rematch between Andre “S.O.G.” Ward and Sergei “Krusher” Kovalev this Saturday, 17th June, Hellraiser has moved our new man into action quickly. Top dog at Hellraiser Towers, Mickey, has said, “If I want to see Andre Ward fight anyone it’s Sergei Kovalev… we know that Kovalev can hurt Ward, for sure, but I think Ward on points.”

Well over to you Predicta-Mike

Predicta-mike says...Having lost 16 times in a row to Jimmy Connors, Vitas Gerulaitis finally triumphed and offered his reason as to why he didn't lose:

"Nobody beats Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times in a row." Nobody beats Sergey Kovalev twice in a row! Krusher late stoppage.” So there you have it; Mike goes for a late Kovalev stoppage, by way of a tennis reference. He did tell you he had a spiritual approach! 

Posted: 12th Jun 2017

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