Hellraiser Boxing - Review of the action for The Copperbox Arena, London, as Billy Joe Saunders defended his WBO middleweight title against Willie Monroe Jr. Also on the bill were heavyweight Daniel Dubois and light heavy Anthony Yarde.
Hellraiser Boxing News | Saunders vs Monroe Jr. Results
Review of the action for The Copperbox Arena, London, as Billy Joe Saunders defended his WBO middleweight title against Willie Monroe Jr. Also on the bill were heavyweight Daniel Dubois and light heavy Anthony Yarde.

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Saunders vs Monroe Jr. Results

by Steve Fearon

Daniel Dubois v AJ Carter

Vacant Southern Area Heavyweight Title (10 Rounds)

Coverage of the Frank Warren and Queensbury promotions event began with English Heavyweight prospect Daniel Dubois, stepping up to fight for the vacant Southern Area Heavyweight title against genuine Heavyweight AJ Carter.

20 year old Dubois came into the fight with a perfect record of 4 wins, all by violent stoppage, carrying a lot of hype on his shoulders, against 29 year old AJ Carter who brought a winning record to the fight with 8 wins (6 by KO) and 3 losses.

Dubois met Carter in the centre of ring and fired off a couple of jabs, before landing a short right which sent Carter to the canvas. Carter was up quickly, looking shocked more than hurt, before another short flurry from Dubois sent Carter back down.

Carter spent a few seconds on one knee, again, looking more surprised than hurt, before the Ref gave him the go ahead to continue after a long hard look at him, and Dubois fired off a sharp jab-straight combination that nearly took Carter’s head clean off.

The older fighter crashed faced down into the canvas, and Dubois had once again smashed his way to another win.

After several minutes of medical attention, Carter was led from the ring, and the rest of us are left wondering whether Dubois could be the next genuine Heavyweight sensation, or the next hyoe job… time will tell.

Zak Chelli v Adam Jones

Super Middleweight (6 rounds)

Zak Chelli is another young prospect, coming to the ring on the back of two wins, against resilient opponent Adam Jones, the super-chinned Yorkshireman, who despite holding a losing record, had never been stopped.

In Adam Jones, Chelli found a surprisingly game opponent, with a strong defence, and some considerable skill in mitigating the aggressive young fighter’s offence.

Chelli came out in the first round, throwing heavy combos straight away, clearly lacking any respect for his opponent, but Jones absorbed everything he had. In the last minute Jones landed some nice counters, reminding the young Chelli that he was in a fight, and that this was not a mere formality.

As the rounds went by, Chelli slowly accepted that he was not going to be able to stop Jones, and slowed his work to a more sustainable rate, whilst Jones continued to demonstrate some fine defensive work, and a genuine chin of steel.

Chelli got the win by way of UD, and maintains his early momentum, getting past a stubborn and difficult opponent and gaining a valuable experience.

Anthony Yarde v Norbert Nemesapati

WBO European & Intercontinental Light Heavyweight (12 Rounds)

The rising star of Anthony Yarde met a Hungarian with a decent record in this WBO themed fight.

Yarde came in with 12 wins from 12, with 11 stoppages, against the decidedly smaller Nemesapati, who to his credit, brought an 81% Win rate, and a 72% KO rate in those wins.

On paper it looked competitive, despite being younger, Nemesapati has had a lot more professional fights, and had a strong record which suggests he has something about him, but there was no getting away from the fact that Yarde looked a full weight class bigger than him. No surprise, Nemesapati has campaigned at super middleweight for much of his career.

Yarde squeaked under the weight limit at the second attempt, and he may well struggle to stay at Light Heavyweight for more than another year or so, but regardless he made it, and looked like an angry father about to discipline his son, when facing off against the comparatively little Hungarian.

True to form, Yarde went straight to work , and by the end of the first round, he had Nemesapati against the ropes, whipping cruel body shots into his midriff.

At the start of the second round, Nemesapati was already reddening, and Yarde proceeded to hunt the rapidly retreating Hungarian, landing shots at will, before cornering him and firing no fewer than five hard rights into him, and crumpling him to the floor in a quivering mess.

To his credit, Nemesapati could have been forgiven for taking the money and running at this stage, but he rose again before being dropped by another three rights. He managed to climb to his feet in time for the bell, and survive into the 3rd round.

Yarde took it easy in the 3rd round, not chasing the KO, but just landing methodically, accurately and slowly beating Nemesapati without moving out of 1st gear. It was no surprise when the brave Hungarian decided not to come out for the 4th. He had taken a lot of punishment.

So Yarde picks up some more belts, improves his record, but we still haven’t seen him in a fight!

He looks the part, big, muscular, powerful and technically very sound, but how long before we see him fight someone capable to troubling him?

Billy Joe Saunders v Willie Munroe Jr

WBO Middleweight Title

The Bridesmaid fight of the evening, to the Las Vegas Bride, BJS returns to prove his worth as a World Champion in one of the more competitive weight divisions, after what even he has admitted were less than stellar performances in his last few fights.

BJS still carries a 100% win rate, and a 50% KO rate and on paper is a very strong champ, but the reality has rarely reflected this truth, and in Willie Munroe Jr he had an opponent who could provide a stern test to shake off the ring rust, reassert his position as the number 3 in the division, and pave the way for a superfight against the winner of Golovkin and Canelo.

Willy Munroe Jr has had a similar period of inactivity after he retired against Golovkin, and was coming into the fight looking to rebuild confidence and momentum against a champion who had looked weak in recent fights.

The first round set the pattern for the fight with both Southpaws jabbing cagily, with BJS being ever so slightly sharper, and seemingly a bit stronger, manoeuvring Munroe Jr around the ring seemingly at will.

This continued throughout the fight, with Saunders beating Munroe Jr to the punch consistently, and landing the bigger shots, though never really threatening to stop Munroe Jr. Willie seemed unable to break the pattern or offer anything else in response, meaning that BJS was able to effectively jab his way to a wide victory, without ever really coming under pressure.

A good win for BJS, a much better, consistent performance, and a disappointing performance from Willie Munroe Jr who I think will struggle to come back from such a lacklustre outing.

However, Billy Joe Saunders still lacks the power to compete with either GGG or Canelo, and I struggle to see him coming through against either, but at least he has demonstrated that he can come into the big fights in good shape, and with the old slickness still in tact.

Posted: 18th Sep 2017

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