Hellraiser Boxing - Hellraiser's Steve Fearon gives his predictions for the Semi Finals and Final of the World Boxing Super Series Cruiserweight competition. Who will win this incredibly exciting competition?
Hellraiser Boxing News | World Boxing Super Series: Cruiserweights Final Predictions
Hellraiser's Steve Fearon gives his predictions for the Semi Finals and Final of the World Boxing Super Series Cruiserweight competition. Who will win this incredibly exciting competition?

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World Boxing Super Series: Cruiserweights Final Predictions

by Steve Fearon

World Boxing Super Series – Cruiserweights

Now, disclaimer, I have no idea how all this is going to pan out, what with form, injuries, location of the fights, pull outs etc.

But it's fun to guess!

Hopefully by now you will have seen my first round predictions and analysis, so you have some idea of how I see things panning out, though I see Gassiev/Wlodarczyk and Dorticos/Kudryashov as being almost too close to call.

It is now time to play the imagination game, and try to see how the semi final and final bouts may shape up!

Semi Final 1 - Usyk v Briedis

This fight is what most would probably want in the final, and is probably the two best fighters in the tournament by most measures. However, we are faced with these two meeting in the semi final, assuming they both perform as they should in the quarters.

Both fighters are in the early 30’s, and are unbeaten with good KO% too. Usyk has much the higher average Opposition Win% (81% v 65%) but then he has had a much quicker start to his career, jumping to better opposition earlier than most, on the back of a huge amateur background.

I honestly think this will be an incredibly tight matchup, probably a bit cagey, and a bit technical, as both fighters carry power, and both can box.

I edge to Usyk, because he is a Southpaw, he is nominally fresher than Briedis, and will perhaps be able to use his amateur knowledge and style to out box Briedis tactically.

It is SO tight though, and it could go either way, but I have to pick someone!

Semi-Final 2 – Wlodarczyk v Kudryashov

Now this semi-final could conceivably be any of the quarter-finalists involved, it’s that tight in this side of the draw.

However, I have these two potentially meeting and it provides another interesting mixture of information.

Wlodarczyk has a tremendous record, with 57 fights, and a massive pool of experience so could be quite a challenge for anyone in this tournament and perhaps most intriguingly, he has never been stopped.

Kudryashov comes in with his tremendous KO% and if he has come past Dorticos, will likely have done so via stoppage, increasing his record further and providing a very dangerous opponent.

So we then face the prospect of the immovable object meeting the unstoppable force, but which do I edge towards? Well I edge towards Kudryashov, he is the younger fighter, he has only the one loss, he has a great record for KO’s and has fought an average win% opponent that is slightly higher than Wlodarczyk.

I suspect it will be a tricky fight, maybe a late stoppage for Kudryashov with Wlodarczyk ahead on the cards, but this is another hard one to call.

FINAL – Usyk v Kudryashov

Our Hypothetical final is here!

Both fighters will have likely faced some formidable challenges to be here, and may well be fighting earlier than they would otherwise have liked.

Usyk will have fought a very tough and even fight with Briedis to get here, and may well have expended an awful lot of energy and will to get past him.

Kudryashov, if he has made it this far will have had to get past the firepower of Dorticos, and the experience of Wlodarczyk, and likely will have progressed via stoppages, so may be the fresher of the two. Although given there are months between each round.

Record wise, Usyk is unbeaten (still if he has got this far) and will have a strong KO%, and a very strong record of fighting winning record opposition, whereas Kudryashov still has that one KO loss, which does suggest that he is hurtable against the right opponent, though he has stopped everyone else he has come up against (including avenging his loss).

Now then, both fighters have KO potential, and have proven track records at a good level.

Kudryashov will have been in some wars to get here, and Usyk will have had to fight two durable opponents that may well have gone the distance, so both fighters will likely have scars they are carrying into this contest.

Usyk has had the shorter professional career, and has not been stopped, so that may suggest he will be in the better position, and closer to 100%, but then if Kudryashov was able to dispose of Dorticos and/or Wlodarczyk early, he may be better rested.

Kudryashov last faced a southpaw in 2014 when he stopped Juan Carlos Gomez (55-3-0 at the time) suggesting that he may well be able to cope with a high quality southpaw, removing that advantage somewhat.

Now, I am not a fan of triangle theory…BUT (you knew this was coming) Kudrayshov’s only loss came via TKO against Olanrewaju Durodola (21-2-0 at the time) and one other tournament entrant has beaten Durodola by TKO…Briedis.

So if Usyk has made it this far…well it is triangle theory but hey, it’s all information.

Steve's Final Prediction

Ultimately, I think Usyk can box, and can punch, and I think if we are looking for weaknesses, Kudryashov has been hurt before, and has never had to win on the cards, so if Usyk is able to exert his boxing ability and avoid the damage from the undoubted power of Kudryashov, I think he will stop him in the later rounds.

There has been a lot of speculation, hypotheticals and random guesswork, and I am by no means an expert or particularly knowledgeable on any of these fighters, but this was a fun exercise in ‘Fantasy Boxing’.

I fully expect at least one QF to go completely differently from what the numbers suggest, and completely discredit my whole prediction, but I enjoyed putting this together, and hopefully you will enjoy picking it to pieces, and tweeting at me where I went wrong! (@Screamingstatic)

Posted: 4th Aug 2017

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