Hellraiser Boxing - In this week's blog, Mickey talks about getting trolled online, a fighter leaves the Hellraiser stable, and the carnival has kicked off for Floyd and Conor.
Mickey Helliet's Hellraiser Blog | Getting My Fair Share Of Abuse!
In this week's blog, Mickey talks about getting trolled online, a fighter leaves the Hellraiser stable, and the carnival has kicked off for Floyd and Conor.

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Getting My Fair Share Of Abuse!

the Mickey Helliet Blog

As I’m sure you’re all aware, because if you follow us on any of our social media you can’t have missed it, Hellraiser had a pretty good weekend last week! I talk at length about how I saw Darryll William and Asinia Byfield’s fights in my video blog, which you can watch below, so give that a view. It is normally hard to get one win on a big televised show, but to get two in one night was a great experience! Due to the enormous coverage the Frank Warren and Queensbury show received and because Hellraiser had two fighters competing, we also got more press attention than normal. IFL TV interviewed my man Asinia and me after his win, and when I was looking at it on YouTube, there were loads of comments about me; some of which were less than flattering. Sadly it seems I have now experienced my 25% share of the abuse that ‘Team Byfield’ were getting! One viewer compares me to Eddie from ‘Bottom’, and some much, much worse which I won’t repeat! I was shocked, to be honest because I’ve always thought of myself as something of a catch!

Joking aside, it was nice to see our fighters doing so well on the big stage, and here’s to many more nights like that for both guys, and plenty more within the Hellraiser stable. One who won’t be sadly is Elliot Matthews, who left us this week despite having been offered a five figure sum to fight for the English title. Elliot felt he wanted to go in a new direction with his career and that’s fair enough. Both I and everyone else at Hellraiser wish Elliot the best of luck for the future.

This Saturday we’ve got Chris Eubank Jr fighting Arthur Abraham on ITV pay per view. I know people have been critical of the ITV shows costing extra money, but it looks like an entertaining bill at least, it’s not just one decent fight, there’s a few on there. Eubank facing Abraham is a decent matchup, Abraham is a very tough fighter. It’ll be a good continuation of Chris’s learning at world level. However Abraham’s last few performances tell me that this is when Chris should be facing him. He’s not been at world level long enough to be fighting a peak Abraham, but team Eubank and ITV have very much made the right fight at the right time.

Finally, the madness has fully begun for the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. The press conferences have been highly entertaining and can’t be doing anything other than drawing people into buying the fight. McGregor is a hugely charismatic man, I actually think Floyd is quite enjoying not to have to do all the promotional legwork! He’s sitting back and letting Conor talk them both into being tens of millions of dollars richer. All this “Floyd is skint” stuff, “Floyd has tax problems” is rubbish too, listen he ain’t short of money! For pure freak-show value, their fight is going to be, like it or not, an historic night.

Posted: 15th Jul 2017

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