Hellraiser Boxing - Mickey Helliet's weekly blog talks Asinia Byfield's training, the World Boxing Super Series and Manny Pacquiao's end game plans.
Mickey Helliet's Hellraiser Blog | The Calm Before The Storm!
Mickey Helliet's weekly blog talks Asinia Byfield's training, the World Boxing Super Series and Manny Pacquiao's end game plans.

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The Calm Before The Storm!

Mickey Helliet

This week has felt a little bit like the calm before the storm, next week I’ll be gearing up to support my fighters who compete on the BT Sport and BoxNation show at the Copperbox Arena. Darryll Williams has been away training with Ricky Hatton, which has been all over the press and is great for Darryll, but less is known of my other fighter Asinia Byfield, who has a tough test against unbeaten Sammy McNess. Let me tell you something about Asinia, the man trains in a very unique way!

I went down to watch him spar last week, and he’s been updating me on how it’s all going. He’s a bit of a scholar of boxing, Asinia, and some of his training techniques have been off the wall. It’s very unorthodox- more details will come out soon, and he’s a real character. Keep your eyes out for him at the press conference next week and give him a follow on social media (Twitter: @TeamDGhost), his training videos are hilarious. I’m very excited about it all and while I can’t wait for the show at the Copperbox Arena, I’m also busy putting together our Summer Showdown for the following Saturday, July 15th, at York Hall. We’ll have plenty of great match-ups as usual so do come along and see Hellraiser’s next generation of fighters.

I was interested to see the latest additions to the World Boxing Super Series, the cruiserweights are looking a tough category but the super-middleweights also looks like it’s going to be incredibly difficult. George Groves, and now Jamie Cox and Erik Skoglund make for a very hard field already. Those three alone have a record of 78-3 (43) which is a very enviable tally! It’s good to see Jamie Cox being given the opportunity to step up to world class, he’s been hovering for a while. If he can pull it all together on the night he’s got the ability to raise some eyebrows.

I do like these innovative ideas within boxing. This competition format just adds a bit of an extra something, competitiveness, a fresh dimension, to already good match ups. Super Six did it well and Prizefighter also added ingenuity at a different end of the market. World Boxing Super Series means the best have signed on to face the best and there can be no shenanigans behind the scenes in getting the fights made once the fighters are signed up. I look forward to watching and wish all the competitors the very best of luck!

Finally for this week, it was intriguing to hear Freddie Roach speaking so candidly about Manny Pacquiao’s future beyond the Jeff Horn fight this weekend. Saying they need a decisive win or Manny may have to retire. Freddie has talked about Manny’s dedication in the past with regards to the work he does as a senator in the Philippines getting in the way of his boxing, but this felt a little bit like end game talk. He knows Manny isn’t getting any younger and is fighting a tough, unbeaten but unproven guy like Horn. Roach was saying if they don’t dominate they won’t get the rematch with Mayweather, but I honestly don’t think the rematch is sellable anymore. But it’d be nice for Manny who’s been a great champion to go out with a win.

Posted: 28th Jun 2017

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