Hellraiser Boxing - Mickey talks about the upcoming Hellraiser trip to Las Vegas and the Mayweatehr gym and explains what it gives the fighters who go out.
Mickey Helliet's Hellraiser Blog | Vegas Baby!
Mickey talks about the upcoming Hellraiser trip to Las Vegas and the Mayweatehr gym and explains what it gives the fighters who go out.

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Vegas Baby!

by Mickey Helliet

The Hellraiser team descend on Las Vegas this coming Thursday, as we have done every year since 2010. This year going with me are “Hollywood” Josh Ejakpovi, Asinia “D’Ghost” Byfield, coach Sam Fleetwood with some of his amateurs and Adam our website editor.

For me it’s all about developing the fighters and giving them an experience they can’t get in the United Kingdom. Those gyms in Las Vegas are tough, tough places to go, with a lot of top, world rated operators in them. Many of the fighters have excellent pedigree from the amateurs and even the ones that don’t are very tough and generally have the Vegas ‘inside fighting’ style. There is always a lot of pride at stake in the sparring sessions in Vegas. If Josh and Asinia want to be the best, and I know for a fact they both do, then they’ll have to take as much onboard from the trip as they can.

We’ll be in Floyd Mayweather’s gym while he trains for his blockbusting fight with Conor McGregor on August 26th. Those of you who follow me on Twitter or watch my vlogs will know I think it’s a complete mismatch, but it’ll be great to watch Floyd preparing for the fight, he never rests on his laurels, and he’s an enigma to be near. Regardless of my opinion of the fight as a match-up, I’m very much looking forward to seeing some of the madness up close. I’ve used Floyd’s gym for years and learned a lot from seeing him progress from the amateur ranks to the world’s biggest grossing pound for pound king. I’m very happy to bring the opportunity to my fighters too, they can only learn from mixing in that environment.

It’s not all work though, and we will have time to keep the Hellraiser faithful updated with what we’re up to and get out to some leisure activities. I’m quite fond of the shopping, Josh wants to go to Los Angeles (I can’t think why “Hollywood” wants to go there!) and I know Adam is desperate to go to a gun range. Read into that what you like!

When we get back the season will be about to start up again in earnest. We’ve got high hopes for lots of our guys this coming year, Asinia and Josh being just two of the fighters that I have very high hopes for next season. My stable has attracted some real talent lately and I look forward to them picking up titles this year. Our first show is October 14th at York Hall. As usual there will be plenty of fights on the bill and we’ll be recording for Channel 4, which is great exposure for all the Hellraiser fighters. Put it in your calendar. I can’t wait.

For now though, until Vegas!

Posted: 29th Jul 2017

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